Cross-Platform Compatibility

KurtView works with any web-enabled device: desktop, mobile or tablet. Documents look clear and sharp, even on older browsers.

PDF, Word, Excel All-In-One Viewer

Support more than 20 file formats. You will be able to display documents with most commun business format, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

In depth analytics & notifications

We automatically add tags on your documents to analyze the behaviour of readers (opening, clicks, location and time spent on each page).
You get notified to tweak your content and triggers.


KurtView lets you set a variety of options for your presentations: logo, colors, tracking domain URL and more.

Cloud storage agnostic

Connect to your current storage (including Amazon, Azure, Dropbox). We can share your documents from any S3 or OpenStack compatible provider!

Easy to integrate

Get started with KurtView integration in no time to create an elegant and consistent content experience across all platforms.